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Community Partners

To help solve community problems Volunteer Orlando partner with meeting and event planners as well as hotel sales teams.

All projects support a wide variety of 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations and Title 1 public schools.

Volunteers teaming up to help children.

Meeting Planners want a rock-solid and reliable partner to deliver turnkey, high-impact CSR projects for their clients. Working within a budget with a guarantee of no cost overruns is important.

Hotels recommend Volunteer Orlando to their clients that want their employees/members to participate in CSR projects during their meetings, conferences and trade shows.

Partners deserve credit for facilitating Volunteer Orlando's involvement that results in a better community for everyone.

Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organizations and public schools seek our help because they are the recipients of 100% of all work products produced during projects. And, we handle volunteer project planning, management and leadership. 

Volunteers painting a swing set.
Volunteer scrubbing playground slide.

Perception of Simplicity


Lots of pre-planning. Factors include project complexity, number of participants, task identification, division of labor planning, tool and supply needs, volunteer support requirements, project and task durations, etc.


It can be very detailed work that requires experience, skill and passion.


To avoid issues and problems, Volunteer Orlando plans, manages and leads all projects from start to finish...not the recipient organizations.

Volunteers participating in a financial literacy project.
Project supplies.
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