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Companies & Associations

You can save time and money and have a greater positive impact by partnering with Volunteer Orlando.

Volunteer projects we design, plan, manage and lead are meaningful and hands-on. They involve a strong call to action. 

Projects also promote teamwork and camaraderie among participants.

Volunteer sorting and arranging fruit.
Volunteers assemble picnic tables.
Volunteer painting art board.

Your group can help end hunger, homelessness, financial illiteracy, bullying, domestic violence or other causes that align with your Corporate Social Responsibility goals.

"Helping others isn't just a nice thing to do, or the right thing to do. It is the bright thing to do."

Our CSR projects help at-risk children, women, families, veterans, adults with intellectual differences, seniors, environment and more.

Image of volunteers repairing a garden box.
Volunteer with child.

Projects can involve painting, gardening, packing items like hygiene and food kits, creating hand-made items, assembling picnic tables, benches, garden boxes and bikes and other activities.

Time & Place

Volunteer projects happen in Orlando, Kissimmee...across Central Florida.

Inside projects occur at hotels, conference and convention centers, workplaces and restaurants. They help one or more nonprofit organizations or Title 1 public schools simultaneously. 

Outside projects happen in the community at nonprofit organizations.

Come-and-Go projects are also hands-on. Conference registration, cocktail parties, dinners and trade shows are ideal locations​.

Volunteers painting old swingset.
Volunteers make a cake in a soup kitchen.

Project Budget

Budgets are reasonable and include project planning, supplies, tools and volunteer support, on-site set-up, project management, leadership and cleanup. Turnkey. No cost overruns!

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