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Employee Volunteer Programs

Volunteer Orlando can help you create or tune-up your company's employee volunteer program (EVP).

Children reading and explaining characters to volunteers.
Volunteers sealing outdoor classroom message board.

Effective Employee Volunteer Programs...


- Create a positive and measurable community impact.

- Offer and promote sustaining, episodic and skill-based engagement opportunities that involve no, low and moderate levels of complexity, exertion, previous experience and time commitments.

- Boost employee camaraderie, morale, friendships and teamwork, and be considered a great place to work by associates.

- Foster deployable workplace skills, including project management, problem solving, delegating, risk abatement and public speaking. 

- Impact HR, public and community relations' objectives as much as philanthropy.

- Meet stakeholder expectations.

Volunteer sanding a wall.
Volunteers planting a garden.

EVP Success

Employee volunteer programs should enable and encourage employee input, feedback and leadership.

Simply offering employees volunteer time off (VTO) isn't a strong enough of an incentive to get most employees involved.

To spark engagement EVPs should make it simple and easy for employees to connect with specific opportunities at local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and schools.

The easiest way to start or enhance your EVP is to partner with Volunteer Orlando to develop a good, better or best plan.

Volunteers participate in financial literacy project.
Image of volunteer painting a wall.
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