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Hotel Helpers

Hotels and resorts can boost their sales and occupancy by working with Volunteer Orlando.

How? Mention the option of doing a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) volunteer project to clients and prospects when responding to requests for proposals.

Volunteers showing their artwork.
Volunteers planting a garden.

Succeed By Doing Good

- Stand out. When you recommend Volunteer Orlando, your hotel will stand out among competitors when the cost of rooms, food and beverage, event support and other factors are comparable.

- Hotels and resorts that send Volunteer Orlando referrals deserve credit for helping others.

- 100% of all work products that result from projects are donated to local 501(c)(3) non-profits.


Our team has almost 25 years of local experience planning, managing and leading hand-on volunteer projects. Team members have involved over 200,000 participants on projects that have helped more than 300 local charities and public schools.

School landscaping project.
Volunteers make items for children.

Hotels of All Sizes

If your hotel or resort accommodates groups, let's partner.


While most volunteer projects occur inside hotels, there is no need to have lots of on-property meeting space. Projects can happen in the community at non-profit organizations.


Projects can involve small groups, hundreds or thousands of people.​​

Volunteer working on STEM project.
Volunteer arranging fruit.
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