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Meeting Planners


Volunteer Orlando works with meeting and event planners to deliver "wow" to their clients.

We plan, manage and lead projects with a strong social  purpose...they help solve community problems.


Project also boost participant teamwork and camaraderie.

Volunteer painting a wall in an after-school computer room.
Image of a large pile of mulch.

Seems Simple

Call a few non-profit organizations. Pitch your group and book the project. Done.

Reality Check

Many companies think non-profit organizations know how to accommodate and engage groups.

Most charities do not have the ability nor time to coordinate project details, like identifying tasks, determining and obtaining tools and supplies, assigning headcounts to tasks and hosting and leading diverse groups.

The result is that sometime groups feel frustrated, and projects run the risk of failing because they run out of supplies, work to do or time.

Simple Solution

Volunteer Orlando can provide meeting and event planners with a turnkey solution. We are a reliable partner. We make planners look good!

Our team has almost 25 years of local experience doing this work. Projects have involved over 200,000 participants and assisted more than 300 community-based organizations and public schools.

Projects budgets are based upon group size, project duration, complexity, tool and supply needs and project management. We guarantees no cost overruns.

Volunteer carefully paints around windows.
Volunteer project supplies.
Image of volunteers creating a trail.
Project Supplies
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