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Non-Profit Partners

Volunteer Orlando helps non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations solve community no cost to them!

Volunteers doing an Extreme Yard Makeover.
Project supplies: washing machines.

We play a key role because most charities don't have the time and experience required to plan, manage and lead successful group volunteer projects. Here's an example.

A domestic violence shelter does an outstanding job staffing an abuse prevention telephone hotline, providing shelter and food to victims, mental health counseling, courtroom advocacy, teaching resume writing and job training. But it lacks the time, expertise, strategic, tactical and logistical know-how to manage group volunteer projects.

Volunteer prepping wall for painting.
Project supplies.

We enable non-profit organizations to focus on what they do best...their important charitable work.

Volunteer Orlando also helps ensure that work is completed successfully and within each project's time frame.

Volunteer Orlando handles the planning, management and leadership of on-site and off-site projects.

On-site projects at non-profit organizations can involve tasks like painting, landscaping, assembling picnic tables and garden boxes, meal making/serving, interactions and more.

Off-site projects, like those taking place in hotels and workplaces, generate work product donations. These items are donated by Volunteer Orlando to non-profit partners.

Volunteers painting mural.
Volunteers show off the cookies they made for residents of a group home.
Volunteer scrubbing experiential playground.

Does you non-profit organization need some help?

If you manage a 501(c)(3) organization and want to learn more about partnering with Volunteer Orlando call 407.637.5370 or email:

Bus transporting volunteers.
Volunteer painting art project.
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