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Helping your community is philanthropic and may be your company's primary reason for having an employee volunteer programHere are eight ways Corporate Social Responsibility enhances business success.

Employee Onboarding

Engage new employees and managers in hands-on group volunteer projects together. This shows associates how much your company cares about your community. And managers gain key insights into employee behaviors that may be difficult to identify in workplaces.

Image of volunteers improving a playground.
Image of a group of volunteers.

Employees With Similar Jobs

When employees with similar job titles or responsibilities volunteer on projects together they share ideas and build strong bonds while helping others. Banks, retail and grocery chains, sales organizations and educational institutions are a few applications.

Employee Projects

Engaging employees in group volunteer projects shows them how much your company gives, cares and shares. Doing this fosters friendships and trust, can increase workplace productivity and reduce employee turnover.

Image of employees joining a group volunteer project.

Affinity Group Engagement

When you empower employees who self-identify as being members of groups to volunteer together on company-sponsored projects, you will strengthen your corporate culture, support diversity, equity and inclusion and boost worker loyalty.

Employees With Suppliers & Government

Positive relationships flourish when a company invites its suppliers and government representatives to join its volunteer projects. It proves genuine sincerity, helps others and builds unique and strong bonds with key partners. Project participants can also share their experiences with their stakeholders.

Employee Family Projects

The influence spouses have upon your employees' job satisfaction is real. Positive spousal encouragement and support can make a meaningful difference in worker happiness, productivity and career longevity.

Image of a family volunteering.
Image of group on a landscaping project.

Employees With Customers/Members & Prospects

There may be no better way for customers and prospects to start or grow a relationship with a company than by participating in its volunteer projects that aid the community. This can help sustain and grow sales and goodwill.

Image of volunteer planting flowers.
Image of volunteers teaming up to plant a garden.

Employees & The Public

Invite the public to join your employees during some of your company's volunteer projects. By tackling community problems together you improve the positive impressions people have of your brand. It's first-hand proof of good corporate citizenship.

Image of a volunteer painting a wall.
Image of volunteers posing for a photo.
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