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Our team has helped over 300 non-profit organizations, Title 1 public schools and municipal parks, for the past 25 years.

Volunteer Orlando's goal is to improve the quality of life of people who live, learn, work and play in Orlando and Central Florida.

Volunteers painting a mural during a Volunteer Orlando project.

We affect volunteers as much as the nonprofits and Title 1 public schools we help, and the many people they support.

Projects have involved more than 225,000 participants from all 50 States and over 60 countries.

Volunteers in kayaks remove debris from lake during a Volunteer Orlando project.

Our Secret Sauce

We do the heavy lifting for companies and groups - all the behind-the-scenes work. We also lead every project to success, on site. Project budgets are reasonable.

Bike in a box, staffing assignment and assembly tools for a Volunteer Orlando project.

Projects are authentic. Participants buy-in because they can help a child, mom - someone or some place, like a shelter, public school or park that needs their help.

Child wearing a cape made by volunteers during a Volunteer Ortlando project.
Project tools and supplies for a Volunteer Orlando project.
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