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Volunteer Orlando team members has almost 25 years of local experience planning, managing and leading hands-on, done-in-a-day volunteer projects.

Volunteer with young child.
Voluntreers make a cake at a soup kitchen.

These projects have helped over 300 non-profit organizations that work and strive to deliver social service support to people - from food banks to shelters, and Title 1 public schools.

Pallet of paint cans needed for volunteer project.
Image of voluneer painting chalk board.

We are passionate about working with companies, groups and associations that want to help solve community problems through volunteer action.

What We Do - Top 10

Volunteer Orlando offers a turnkey solution to groups that don't have the time or experience to do these 10 things:

  1. Identify possible organizations to help.

  2. Conduct site visits and vet project tasks.

  3. Develop a "run-of-show" plan.

  4. Compose a "division of volunteer staffing" plan.

  5. Determine and obtain supplies and tools.

  6. Deliver tools and supplies to the project site.

  7. Stage project tasks with tools, supplies and volunteer support items.

  8. Conduct Welcome, Work and Wrap-Up phases of project.

  9. Breakdown and clean up worksite.

  10. Deliver work products to recipient non-profit organizations.

Image of volunteers displaying painted art board with social message.
Children sitting on a bench made by volunteers.
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