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Schools, clubs, faith and philosophy-based groups can engage their members and friends in volunteer projects to celebrate and commemorate important occasions.

Image of volunteers painting artwork.
Image of volunteer showing item she crafted.


Alternative Spring Break, Faith-In-Action Days, birthdays, engagements, wedding receptions, divorces, baptisms, family reunions, job promotions, retirements, Bar and Bat-Mitzvas, Confirmations, celebrations of life, etc. 

Image of volunteers engaged in a landscaping project.

Projects can occur virtually anywhere. They are managed and led by trained Volunteer Orlando project coordinators.

Family volunteering.
Volunteers staining outdoor classroom board.

Time Well Spent

Projects include ample volunteer time plus a welcome and wrap-up. They usually last up to three hours.

Who Benefits?

Local non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations and Title 1 public schools benefit. 

Volunteer painting original artwork.
Volunteers painting mural.
Volunteer supporting STEM project.
Volunteer cleaning educational playground.
Diversity and inclusion puppets made by volunteers.

Project Budget

Budgets include project planning, supplies, tools and volunteer support, on-site set-up, project management, leadership and cleanup. Turnkey. No cost overruns!

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