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Project Planning

Our project planning experience helps groups achieve their important goals within their schedules and deadlines. 


Determining who to help, identifying project tasks and their durations, providing tools and supplies, developing division of volunteer labor plans and emceeing projects are some of our key strengths.

Volunteers assemble picnic tables.
Project supplies.

Projects can include one task, tasks completed simultaneously, or sequential tasks (1-2-3).

Single Task - Participants start and complete one primary task that constitutes their project.

Simultaneous - Teams of participants start and complete two or more tasks at the same time.

Sequence - Engagement in several tasks - one after the other.

Project can involve very small groups to several thousand participants.

Volunteer works on STEM project for children..
Project Supplies
Volunteer adding to debris pile.
Tri-cycles assembled and decorated by volunteers.

Social Cause Determination

What social or community cause does your organization and its participants want to support?

Keep in mind that participants will enjoy volunteering more and feel their time is well spent if the cause matters to them personally.

Do you want to aid a cause that relates in some way to your organization's products or services?

Using an ice cream analogy: Volunteer Orlando doesn't want to recommend or offer "chocolate" to your group if you or your participants actually prefer "vanilla."

Children read and explain stories to volunteers.
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