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Here are 10 amazing ways group volunteering enhances business success. How many apply to your corporate culture?

Employee Onboarding

Team up new employees with their managers during hands-on volunteer activities. It's first-hand proof that your company cares about their community. A differentiating action from the get-go that builds bonds. Managers gain behavioral insights that may be difficult to spot in the workplace.

Group repainting playground during Volunteer Orlando project.

Employees With Similar Jobs

When employees with similar job titles or responsibilities volunteer together they share good ideas and best practices. Friendships blossom, contributing to employee retention. Boosts productivity, efficiency and sparks workplace innovations.

Volunteers holding their company's banner to celebrate completion of their Volunteer Orlando STEM park rehabilitation project.
Volunteer Orlando volunteers participating in an extreme yard makeover project.

Employee Projects

Participants realize your company's power to transform their community. Enables employers to mix associates with different roles, responsibilities and tenure on various project tasks simultaneously, perhaps for the first time. Fosters teamwork and camaraderie. 

Volunteers from Verizon help improve a public park in Casselberry during a Volunteer Orlando project.

Employee Resource Groups

Empowering employees who self-identify as being members of groups to volunteer together strengthens your corporate culture and boosts worker loyalty.

Employees With Suppliers & Government Representatives

Relationships can flourish when a business invites its suppliers and government representatives to participate in some of its more significant, transformational projects. Enables key employees to have one-on-one time with partners and regulators. Attendees aren't assisting your company - they are helping their community.

Volunteer weeding a garden during a Volunteer Orlando project.
Volunteers painting the wall of an outdoor classroom during a Volunteer Orlando project.

Company Retirees

Honor the loyalty of company retirees who have formed volunteer groups. Supply some of the resources they need to do community improvement projects...directly to the nonprofit organizations, public schools and parks they help. This will boost their love of your company, long after they have "left the building."

Employee Family Projects

The influence spouses and families have upon employees' job satisfaction is real. Positive encouragement and support makes a meaningful difference in worker happiness, pride, productivity and career longevity.

A family participating in a Volunteer Orlando project in Orlando.

Employees With Customers

Team up with customers and do some volunteer projects together. Companies should ask which social cause matters most to them. Listen-up and follow through by doing what the majority of them consider the greatest community need, if possible. Develop projects that include compelling and collaborative, hands-on tasks that are age and skill appropriate. This will boost their loyalty and your sales.

Volunteers team up with Volunteer Orlando to build vegetable gardens during a project in Kissimmee.

Your Company - The Center of the Community

Invite students from local K-12 schools and non-profit organizations to team up with your company to host hands-on volunteer activities at your location(s). Nonprofits bring project supplies and verify volunteer hours. Your company offers the space, drinks and snacks. And, trained employees could co-lead each project - enabling them to hone their public speaking, delegating, risk abatement and project management skills (advanced). Students, schools and school systems will consider your company their community ally.

Volunteer with a science projects about bugs during a Volunteer Orlando project.

Employees, Public & Media

Invite the public to join your employees during some company volunteer projects. Your nonprofit partners handle non-employee sign-ups, and also send out requests for news coverage. Feedback from participants and partner charities on social media - words, pictures and videos could reach and influence thousands of people. Your business does good things for the community - and your company leverages community engagement as a means to help define its identity, brand and authenticity. It's first-hand proof of good corporate citizenship.

Volunteers applying wood sealant to a garden box during a Volunteer Orlando project at a nursing home.
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