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Volunteer paints artwork.
Volunteers team up to help children.
Volunteer scrubbing playground slide.
Food items for food kits.
Volunteers collaborate on art project.
Volunteers assemble picnic tables.
Volunteers interacting with children.
Volunteer paints learning center wall.
Volunteers mulch trail together.
Project Icebreaker
Volunteers making motivational messages.
Mulch needed for playground improvement.

Q: How much notice does Volunteer Orlando need to plan, manage and lead a project for my group?

A: We recommend three to eight week's notice depending upon the size of the group and project complexity. We book projects up to one year in advance.

Q: Our group is hoping to do a project next week with our sales team. Is that possible?

A: Volunteer Orlando has an inventory of commonly needed supplies to support groups that want to do projects last-minute. 

Q: How many people can Volunteer Orlando accommodate on projects?

A: Small groups, hundreds and even thousands of people. Depends upon project design and the group's flexibility.

Q: How many non-profit organizations and public schools have you helped?

A: More than 300 Central Florida-area non-profit organizations, Title 1 public schools and municipal parks have been helped as a result of projects managed by Volunteer Orlando's team members.

Q: Can our volunteer project help more than one non-profit organization or public school?

A: Yes, this is possible when projects occur at hotels, convention centers and corporate offices.

Q: Where do projects take place?

A: Most projects occur at hotels. Others happen in the community at non-profit organizations and workplaces around Orlando, Kissimmee and Central Florida.

Q: Why does Volunteer Orlando charge groups for its services?

A: Project supplies and tools cost money. Staff time and experience are also necessary to plan, manage and lead successful projects. We do donate 100% of work products made during projects to Orlando-area 501(c)(3) charities.

Q: Can't I call a non-profit directly and schedule our group's project?

A: Yes. This may work well for groups seeking sorting and cleaning projects. Few non-profits are equipped to plan, manage and lead more complex done-in-a-day projects.

Determining suitable tasks, number of people needed to complete each task within the project's time frame and knowing the types and quantities of supplies and tools needed are extremely important.

Q: Are outcomes different compared to traditional team building like scavenger hunts, ropes courses and excursions?

A: Oh, yes! Volunteer Orlando's projects improve The Human Condition...and that resonates with employees.

Our projects also help companies attract and retain workforce talent by causing authentic peer-to-peer teamwork, camaraderie, collaborations, friendships and employee loyalty.

Our projects provide companies with workforce insights that can't be readily seen in places like bowling alleys, golf courses or workplaces.

Businesses and groups differentiate themselves from others in the minds of employees, customers, suppliers, government regulators and the public by proving how much they give, care and share.

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