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Volunteers building a park during a Volunteer Orlando project.

"Helping others isn't just a nice thing to do, or the right thing to do. It is the bright thing to do."

Lots of ladders needed for a Volunteer Orlando painting project.
Volunteers participating in hands-on activities during a Volunteer Orlando project.

Q: How much lead time does Volunteer Orlando need to plan, manage and lead a project?

A: Ideally, two weeks or more depending upon group size and project complexity. We book projects up to one year in advance.

Q: Our group is hoping to do a project next week. Is that possible?

A: We stock commonly needed supplies and tools to support last-minute projects. 

Q: How many people can activities and projects accommodate?

A: Small groups to over 1,000 people. Depends upon project location and duration.

Q: Can our project help multiple non-profit organizations?

A: Yes, if your project occurs at workplaces, hotels or other venues. If fact, our team managed a 1,000 person, in-hotel project that helped 20 Title 1 public schools.

Q: Why is there a fee for service? We are volunteering our time.

A: Your time is valuable and benefits a third-party. Project supplies, tools and volunteer support are provided by us. We also plan, manage, and lead all projects.

Q: How do your projects compare to activities like playing games, scavenger hunts, hitting golf balls, or bowling?

A: Participants on our projects improve the lives of others. Results are real, tangible. Hands-on problem solving unites people. Driven by the positive social impact, peer-to-peer camaraderie and teamwork happen. Your attendees may consider it the best part of their meeting or conference.

Q: How many organizations has your staff helped?

A: More than 300 nonprofit organizations, public schools and parks, and involved over 225,000 participants since 1999.

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