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Community Partners

Nonprofit organizations, meeting planners, hotels and resorts refer their groups and companies to Volunteer Orlando that want to help the Orlando community.

Volunteers repainting a map of the USA on the floor of a nonprofit organization that serves children with disabilities during a Volunteer Orlando project.

Non-Profit Organizations seek help because we handle everything. Most charities do not have the staff, time and experience needed to plan, manage and lead group projects.

Our team will identify and prioritize tasks based upon needs and impact, and determine the best number of participants per task, based upon many factors.

We also provide 100% of the supplies, tools and volunteer support needed to complete every task and project successfully.

This enables nonprofit organizations to focus on what they do best...their important charitable work.

Our commitment to nonprofits, groups and companies is that all tasks within their projects will be done on time!

Child playing in her classroom during a Volunteer Orlando project.
Volunteer adding fruit to basket during Volunteer Orlando project.

Meeting Planners want a reliable and solution-oriented partner with local contacts and experience to deliver successful projects for their clients.

We excel at project design and planning, management, and leadership. Our team has managed over 225,000 people who have participated in thousands of hands-on community improvement projects.

Planners that outsource to Volunteer Orlando save time and get the credit for staging amazing projects.

Volunteer painting during a Volunteer Orlando project.
Volunteers teaming up to help children during a Volunteer Orlando project.
Volunteers boarding a bus during a Volunteer Orlando project.

Hotels & Resorts refer groups to us because they care about the community.

Volunteer Orlando helps them differentiate from their competitors especially when hotel-related costs are comparable.

Many Orlando-area hotels have meeting rooms and ballrooms. But hotels don't need open spaces to work with Volunteer Orlando because projects can occur in the community at nonprofit organizations.

Volunteers celebrating their successful bike building project with Volunteer Orlando.
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