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Corporate Volunteering

A good volunteer project will help solve a problem in the community. That's the call-to-action that inspires and rallies employees to join in, get hands-on, and love where they work.

Volunteers making a sensory walking path during a Volunteer Orlando project.

But, it takes time and effort to coordinate activities that work out well for a company and its employees.

We do this work so companies and their associates can focus on helping others.

By supporting nonprofits, public schools and parks, groups can leverage their time and talents.

Child reads note included in her bag of goodies, make by volunteers during a Volunteer Orlando project.
Children having fun during a Volunteer Orlando volunteer project, in Orlando.

Volunteer Activities

You can help at-risk children, families, veterans, seniors, people with disabilities, the environment, and more. Assist the homeless. Help end hunger, bullying, domestic violence and, financial illiteracy.

Volunteers installing an adult playground at a drug treatment facility, during a Volunteer Orlando project.

How? By painting, gardening, assembling picnic tables, benches, garden boxes and bikes. Create hand-made items, like STEM and Archaeological Dig kits, and much more.

Create a positive social impact that aligns well with your corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals.

Bicycle volunteers assembled during a Volunteer Orlando team building project.
Volunteers from Best Buy sanding and repainting a swing set at an elementary school during a Volunteer Orlando volunteer project in Orlando.

Power of Volunteering in Groups

Volunteering together boosts teamwork and camaraderie. To participants, it is proof that their employer cares about communities where they work, meet and do business.

Being known as a caring company helps differentiates it from competitors. Customers, suppliers, government agencies and the public will also take notice.

Volunteers assembling dozens of bicycles for children battling cancer during a Volunteer Orlando project.

Project Budget

Our service includes project planning, supplies, tools, volunteer support, management, on-site leadership and cleanup.

Volunteer decorating a playhouse for children during a Volunteer Orlando project.
Volunteers team up to decipher a message during a Volunteer Orlando project.

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