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Volunteer Projects

Volunteer Orlando offers groups a variety of hands-on volunteer projects. We plan, manage and lead all projects and provide all tools, supplies and volunteer support!


Projects support public schools and non-profit organizations that help children, women and families, veterans, seniors, environment and other causes. 

Volunteers improving playground.

Help end hunger, homelessness, financial illiteracy, bullying, domestic violence and other social problems.

Projects can involve painting, gardening, packing food and hygiene kits, interactions, assembling or creating hand-made items, and light construction - assembling benches, garden boxes, sensory walking paths and more.

Volunteers painting a map of the United States.
Volunteers making paver stones.
Image of volunteer painting artwork.
Volunteers doing crafts project for children.

Time & Place

Projects take place in Orlando, Kissimmee and other places across Central Florida.

Inside projects usually happen at workplaces, hotels, conference and convention centers and business offices. Most of these projects last one to two hours.

Outside projects usually run for about three hours and occur at non-profit organizations.

Come-and-Go projects are hands-on and enable people to complete their activity in one to five minutes. Places like conference registration, cocktail parties, dinners and trade shows are ideal locations​.

Volunteer adding debris she removed to a pile.
Volunteer with a child.

Project Budget

Budgets include project planning, supplies, tools and volunteer support, on-site set-up, project management, leadership and cleanup. Turnkey. No cost overruns!

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