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Volunteer Projects

What "social cause" interests your group most?

Our goal is to align your project's cause with hands-on activities your participants will enjoy doing. Outcomes for them and the nonprofit organization, public school or park they help can be outstanding.

Volunteer installing beneficial acquatic plants along a lake's shoreline to reduce harmful pollution during a Volunteer Orlando project.
Volunteer sanding a metal pole before painting it during a Volunteer Orlando project.
Volunteers crafting STEM education items to help children learn during a Volunteer Orlando project.

What Will Volunteers Do?

Volunteers have made benches, garden boxes, picnic tables, assembled bicycles, painted, planted shrubs and gardens, installed appliances, mattresses and computers.

They have created anti-bullying, financial literacy, self-confidence, food and hygiene kits. Others have crafted artwork for shelters and public schools, made STEM and Archaeological Dig kits, etc.

No special or extraordinary skills are required. Just bring your desire to make a difference!

Volunteer Orlando customizes each project based upon factors like, community needs, age range of volunteers, and goals of each group.

Happy children sitting on their new bench made of wood, cut and assembled by Volunteer Orlando volunteers.

Who Benefits?

Projects help end poverty and enhance the welfare and happiness of people who are disadvantaged. Others aid the environment.

Nonprofit organizations, Title 1 public schools and parks benefit. They receive 100% of project work products.

We also help volunteers learn about community issues and the power they have to use their heads, hearts and hands to improve The Human Condition.

Project Locations

Volunteer projects and activities happed in Orlando, Kissimmee, Lake Buena Vista, and across Central Florida.

Inside projects typically happen at workplaces, hotels, schools, and the convention center.

Outside projects usually occur at nonprofit organizations.

Come-and-Go activities are hands-on, short-duration, and fun activities. Cocktail parties, dinners, trade shows and conference registration are ideal occasions.

Volunteer prepping walls to paint at a community center during a Volunteer Orlando project.
Happy volunteer making puppets to help young children combat bullying, during a Volunteer Orlando project.

Project Activities

There are three ways a group completes activities (tasks) within a project's timeline.

Single - Everyone starts and finishes one primary activity.

Simultaneous - Two or more teams start different activities at the same time. Tasks may be designed to be completed at various times. When this happens, the project's plan has teams start and complete additional activities.

Sequence - Activities are completed one after the other.

Volunteer planting shrubs during a Volunteer Orlando project.
Volunteers mixing cake batter at a group home, during a Volunteer Orlando project.

Project Budget

Project budgeting factors include the number of people involved, project duration and complexity, cost of supplies and our staff time.

Volunteers complete their lake cleanup and aquatic art projects.
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